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Coding for the Minimum Device

The W3C makes it easier

November 2007

The W3C has defined a minimum device for delivering Web content. Device manufacturers and Content developers can develop to this device description, as a minimum. Graceful upgrade for more sophisticated devices is clearly the ideal.

This is called the "Default Delivery Context" or DDC. See the description of a minimum device here: DDC.

Devices to Watch

An Eye on Hardware

October 2007

A growing number of non-traditional devices can connect to the internet and can run browsers to process html and xhtml.

iPod Touch

Nintendo DS Lite


XO Laptop

Ultra Mobile PCs

Reading Devices

  • Sony Reader
  • Kindle (by Amazon)
    wireless download over EVDO - no plans, no specific wireless fees, no need for a hotspot

Daisy Book Players

Check out the XO Laptop at their site. They are offering a Give One Get One sale through Dec 31st 2007. In the US and Canada, you can send $400 to donate one laptop to a child in a developing country to purchase one laptop for to give to a child you know, or to use to develop software for the laptop (preferrably open source).

Most of the other products can be found in general retail stores for computers, games and electronics. To find the mobile devices mentioned above quickly on Amazon, check out the Manatee Road Resources Store.

DAISY book players can be dedicated hardware devices. They can also be software for computers or other multi-function devices. Details will be posted here once I get a chance to try some myself.

Browser Round-up

A fork in the road . . .

November 2007

Will companies begin testing content with each mobile browser and/or simulators? Will a set sub-group of browsers emerge as the browsers worthy of support? Or will standards take center stage with content developers testing against standard and letting browser manufactures do the same?

I certainly hope we all decide to move in the direction of standards. If this happens, content developers can state support for particular standards, rather than particular browsers.

Tools to test mobile content

Standards and best practices to follow when developing mobile content

Browser Categories

But, Web Developers will still want to be familiar with the browser-types, screen-types, and control devices that are emerging today & most importantly, how people interact with these tools. Browsers are emerging with vastly different funcationality. To take advantage of new browsers, testing in each category of device will be important to ensure the best user experiences. To that end, the list below explores the emerging browser categories.

  • Zoom-in by Section Browsers
    • Deep Fish
      (To Check: Will it work with Screen Readers, or is it operating based on a bitmapped screen-shot?)
    • Safari for iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Browse by Tile Browsers
    • Zumobi (Formerly ZenZui)
      Beta Starts December 14th 2007
      (To Check: Can users load any site that follows particular coding practices, or do sites have to negotiate with the company to be included.)
  • Physical World Browsers
  • Nintendo DS Browser
  • Vocal Mobile Browsing
    • ...

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Light & Other Friends

December 2007

To come . . .
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