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Books on Web Accessibility

November 2007

Books I've Read

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Conferences on Accessibility

December 2007

Where to Get Accessibility News Feeds

April 2008

The accessibilty field rapidly expands: New Guidelines for Review, New Guidelines to Follow, New Evaluation Tools, New Science, New Browser Features, New Assistive Technology, New Technologies with New Accessibility Pitfalls, New Theories, More Myths Crushed, etc.

Accessibility Books can help, but keep an eye on the copyright date. Accessibility Conferences (particularly CSUN) are another great way to see what's coming & get updates. I visit accessibilty sites looking for updates, but sometimes there's nothing new, so I'm wasting my time!

I decided to subscribe to the sites that have news feeds. Unfortunately not all of the big sites do. In the process, I found this great page from Jared Smith of WebAIM:
"The Great Accessibility Blog Roundup"

Be sure to check out the additions that folks made in the comments section as well!

Online Video on Accessibility

April 2008

How do you know what to do when the experts disagree, or when the guidelines don't specifically cover something you need to mark-up? What if you are trying to create an extremely usable application for all users that goes beyond standard Web Accessibility?

A knowledge of how people with disabilities use the Web is essential in these cases. With that knowledge, you can make these decisions for users with disabilities just as you would make these decisions for users without disabilities.

Including users with disabilities in your testing efforts is a great approach. Before you do this though, it is important to get an understanding of the variety of approaches to access that exist, so that you can design the tests to cover as many approaches as possible.

Many organizations have created video libraries that give just such an understanding. These are excellent resources for those looking to set up usability testing for people with disabilities & for Web developers looking for a better understanding of the intent of the many accessibility guidelines.

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